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decommissioned, they're no longer going to sea and this is a way of reusing them and also solving a really thorny social problem which is affordable housing," he said. While conta


ion (EFTA) nations. Panama will begin by sending a committee led by Francisco Alvarez de Soto, the vice minister with special responsibility for international trade negotiation, t.


xico's oil giant Pemex in Mexico City, local media reported, citing authorities.Full Story Blast hits oil company HQ in Mexico City, causalities reported MEXICO CITY, Jan. 31 (Xinh.


age of the wildfire showed heavy smoke and several farm buildings going up in flames. Thousands of people in about 855 homes were told to flee the area, said Ventura County sheri.


to levy on both Romney's record and leadership qualities. It is exactly these negative and highly publicized "contrasts" Gingrich and others continue to make with Romney that are .

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vicinity of a demonstration." On April 25, the department ordered all eligible family members of U.S. government employees and certain non-emergency personnel to leave Syria. Syri.

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ckelsburg pointed to "uncertainty, particularly in the national and international arenas" for contributing to California' s economic uncertainty. "The drivers of the recovery from .

se since secondary school. As for all beginners of a foreign language, pronunciation was the greatest difficulty for Daza. "At that time, my classmates were all adults with an aver.

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